Ok, so it's a rainy Sunday in Arkansas, and we just got done building a nice dresser with plenty of cubby-holes for Dallin and Mia's clothes out of cardboard boxes (I love living in temporary housing). So I thought I would sit down and write about the birthdays we just celebrated.

Mia is officially ONE year old! We went to the store to get her a cake (since I don't have a cake pan that will really fit the toaster over... or flour, sugar, baking powder, vanilla, etc.). We held up a small container of colorful muffins with sprinkles on them. Dallin was very excited for that one, and thought giving Mia a choice was just to torture him. But we did give her a choice. The other choice was a small cream-cheese frosted carrot cake with small orange frosting carrots on top. She looked at them (we weren't even sure if she cared at all) and she formed a little
pointer with her hand and chose... the carrot cake. AWWWW- NO FAIR!! (that was Dallin's
reaction.) So Mia blew out one candle and put her little fists into a nice slice of carrot cake.

John's birthday is the very next day, so we had to celebrate! I started by letting him sleep in and taking the kids shopping at Wal-Mart first thing in the morning. We got some yummy mushrooms and peppers to make breakfast burritos for him (his fav breakfast). We chose a pound cake and some raspberries for his birthday cake and unfortunately he had to deal with the same candle (but it's because he's No. 1 in our books).

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TyandMar said...

I remember how tiny your little one was at that Tucson harp concert about a year ago. :) Hope everything is going well. Time flies!! I can't believe you're living in Arkansas!! Where HAVEN'T you lived?!

MelissanWinslow said...

We are so excited for your adventure!!! Fall is going to be gorgeous for you guys@@@ Take lots of pictures

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