Dallin's Big Race

So John and I have been training for a half marathon that we'll be running in Phoenix in January. I've been trying to do as many 5K races as I can between now and then. They inevitably have kid's races in them, and Dallin ran in the last one that John raced. So there is one coming up in October, but this time it's a full mile. So we've begun training Dallin. He is SO cute in his running clothes! We had to get some pictures. The first one is of the house we are renting... a little run down, eh? but green!

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MelissanWinslow said...

hey hey! Temporary living sometimes has the upside of, you don't own anything so there is less to clean. Sometimes I wonder if I simplified more and bought less, i might find myself more content. CUTE RUNNER!!!

Kristi Adams said...

Oooo, he is so cute! I can never get my kids to run those races. They say it makes their sides hurt..No pain no gain, right!

The Big Wooden Tent in Cedar Crest said...

My grandson is so stinkin' adorable it's crazy. Wow, do I miss him. Love you honey (I'm talking to Dallin)

Elizabeth said...

The pose of Dallin, the runner, looks like the pose of his aunt Sara on the cover of the magazine that your mom sent us. Pretty handsome boy! Hope your training goes well. Why is your house green? (Does that mean "basic"?)
Love to all of you. Grandma G.

John, Mandy and more said...

The house is 'green' for us because it's covered in trees, bushes, grass, moss and ivy. We aren't used to all of the plant life.
That's not to say that we aren't living basic, though - We are sleeping on air matresses (Mia has a pack n' play crib) and use camping chairs. We went to a flea market and found a $10 desk and coffee table... good enough!

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