Welcome to Arkansas!

So our little family is in Arkansas - we made it! We are living in Camden, Arkansas until December. Raytheon sent us on a little adventure. So we decided to drive from Arizona to Arkansas so that we could have two cars while here (Raytheon is renting me another). So here are some of the pictures from our long, long, loooooooonnnnnggggg car trip (did I mention that it was long?)

We loaded up a U-Haul, hitched it to the poor Suburu, and drove across four states. Ok, so really we didn't drive all the way across Arizona or Arkansas. We did get to stop twice; once in El Paso (hallelujah Holiday Inn!), and once in Dallas. We stopped by Chuck and Tami's house in McKinney for breakfast and we got to see Alicia too (although we missed her kido and hubby). Then it was off to Arkansas!

I started work this week - and boy, was it a busy week! It was Mia's and John's b-day on Friday and Saturday, and we had to find a more permanent place to stay (we're staying in some really nice long term hotel right now that's a little pricey, although cheaper than a hotel by far). So here is a picture of Dallin outside of our hotel/apartment. I'll post some pics from Mia's and John's birthdays next... I promise this time.

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TyandMar said...

Arkansas! What brought you out there? That will be a change from Arizona for sure! Hope things are going well. That is a LONG drive. :)

Elizabeth said...

Glad the trip was successful. Sounds like this job will give you more experience? Sorry we missed Mia and John's birthdays. Maybe next year?

Bita said...

What????? You are in AR?????? Why? Are you going t live therefor good? Why just unil December? Where are you going? We need to meet!!!!!! Email or facebook me Suesse!!!


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