Easter and gardens

So I promised pictures of our yard and my plants, so here we go!  Some are a little old, but I'm slow and busy, so just be glad they are up!  First, I cannot believe how much my family has been sick this year!  It's ridiculous!  I don't know if it's because one more kid changes everything and passes everything around a lot more effectively or what, but we are sick again.  Just a cold - but nagging and ouchy in the head.  SO.  Here's what's been going on.  First, Easter.

We had a great Easter.  I think Dallin got the message about what Easter is really about.  Although he got his fair share of chocolate, too.  The Easter Bunny came and left a nice basket and truck.  He was really excited about that.  I woke him up to see it and I think he was in a bit of shock.

So we decorated eggs with Phillip and Sara (my sister and her husband).  And put up the Easter Egg Tree.  

Mia and Dallin looked great in their Easter duds.  We had to take pictures before church (consequently making us very late).  Dallin is such a ham - we were having too much fun with it.

Ok - lets post this and then I'll get up a post about my yard....

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Dwight said...

Congratulations! Do your comments sound like a rerun of everyone's life, or what? Anyway, doesn't time pass quickly? We're awaiting your garden photos. Love, D.

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