So life has gotten hectic.  I finished up one of my classes and this week is spring break (yippee!).  However, there are still two to go.  Since I have to leave work in the middle of the day for the class, I end up missing 4 hours of work and as a result have to make up that time.  That translates to 12 hour work days.  Stink.  So I only get a few hours with my beautiful babies.  Luckily we have awesome neighbors that help out John with the kids - Dallin has a new best friend in Elle down the block and is constantly at her house, and Lyn will take Mia any chance she can get.  So that's what's been happening.   Dallin is growing so quickly and has had a little of a jealous color to him lately, but if given some one-on-one attention he is great.  Mia is growing even faster.  We've gotten her to eat sweet potatoes in addition to her banana staple now.  We'll see when we can add something new... (Dallin was never so picky).  John has completely landscaped the backyard.  He even built a swing for me.  It looks awesome.  The sod is so green and we finally have stopped tracking dirt into the house!!  I love it!  I have a Black Tulip Magnolia planted out there.  If you've never seen one you should definitely google it.  Ours only has two blossoms on it (it's a baby), but I'm so excited for the full grown version!  We also planted some rosemary, jasmine vine and an orange tree.  We have some geraniums in hanging baskets as well.  The real excitement will come when I transplant my garden.  I have chives, dill, parsley, rosemary, basil, peppers, tomatoes, and green beans growing inside.  Dallin also planted watermelon outside.  Then we have cucumber and sunflowers left to plant.  This is my first time planting a garden and I didn't think the little seeds would do so well; I have probably 50 tomato plants about 8" tall.  John won't let me keep them all, so I'm going to go buy some little pots and make them into presents.  I figure it's almost as nice as giving away the tomatoes, right?  Almost.  I told him we'll just can the tomatoes.  Food storage, right?  Don't worry about the fact that I have no idea how to can...

Anyhow, I'll post some pictures of the backyard shortly.  What I really wanted to do was show off John's latest work.  He went wake-boarding with a friend of ours and filmed everyone.  It made for a pretty fun short film.

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Kristi Adams said...

You are one busy woman! I can't wait to see your yard!

dntbaker said...

hey guys.. it me TEDE... i found your blog blog searching :)
i cant believe we live an hour away and i havent seen you guys especially b/c all my family lives down there! next time i go to visit family maybe we can hook up. Cute family pictures.

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