A conversation with Dallin

Dallin: I'm eating all my mac and cheese so I get big like daddy.
Mandy: Good job, honey.
Dallin: I'm growing slow, right?
Mandy: To you. To mommy you grow too fast.
Dallin: But Mommy, it's so slow.
Mandy: Not to Mommy. I don't want you to grow up. Stay my little
Dallin: No Mommy, I need to get big like Daddy. So I'm eating my mac
and cheese.
Mandy: No more mac and cheese for you. I want my little Dallin always.
Dallin: I want a little mommy.
Mandy: Too late; I'm already big.
Dallin: Mommy, were you little?
Mandy: Yes, a long time ago - you can ask Grandma.
Dallin: But Grandma wasn't little.
Mandy: There's another Grandma that might have a different opinion on that one.
Dallin: Can I eat my mac and cheese now?
Mandy: Yes. Hurry up- you need a bath.

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MelissanWinslow said...

so cute. love that guy. We miss you

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