Family Reunion Fun

So I gave up on this blog when I learned that my dad couldn't see anything posted, but being with family all weekend made me rethink. We spent the weekend with John's father's family in Bluewater, New Mexico. It was great! We had some great times with the family. Dallin was so happy playing with cousins and 'Lita and Lito' that he insisted that Daddy turn around all the way back to Arizona. Poor kid doesn't get very much quality play time with other kids here.

John prepared a special surprise for me - a hidden goodie package in an aspen grove.  I've wanted to visit someplace green for a while and John knew it.  So when he was in Grants a couple of weeks back he hid a goodie package under an old stump in an aspen grove.  When I went up with him (during the family reunion weekend) we hiked through the area - Lita was watching Dallin - and enjoyed ourselves.  Well, we walked to the spot where the stump was and I stopped, taking in the scene and said, this is a perfect spot.  John responded - you think so?  Pull up a rock.  He sat on the stump for a second and then started digging under it.... weird... and then pulls out a bunch of little presents for me; Nutella, sparkling cider, a picture of him.  It was SO sweet!  We had such a great afternoon playing with the camera - trying to get good shots of the aspen trees in the sunlight.  

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