Meet Mia!

Mia Lilly was born on the 28th (sorry John - almost the best birthday present ever). She was 9 lbs, 6 oz, and 21 in. long. She's a McNeill baby! I know you are all wondering if she's as... challenging... as Dallin was. NOPE! She is so calm, great disposition. Almost as good as a Julie! Ok, maybe that's being too optimistic. But thus far she seems to be a very good baby. We're all home and doing well. We can't wait to show her off! For anyone interested, we are going to have a shower on the 13th of September and the baby blessing on November 2nd. Hope to see you soon!

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Janiel said...

so excited for you guys! can't wait to meet her!

MelissanWinslow said...

She's gorgeous Mandy! We are anxious to meet her too! And by the way you are amazing!

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