Fun at the Baumer's

I have a terrible predicament; since I've started working 2nd shift, I'm much better at staying up late, and much worse at going to bed early. So after everyone is in bed, I sit and entertain myself for hours because I'm NOT tired. I would much rather get up early in the morning and be productive. At night I have the idea that I'm just 'winding down' and eventually I'll get tired and go to bed... then hours later I find myself blogging.

ANYHOW - I've whined for long enough, I suppose I'll have to show you what the children were doing while they were away. For 9 days. 9 WHOLE days. That was rough, but you have to see that Dallin's soccer skills are improving.

And guess what... Mia is left footed! She's a budding left-wing!
She's also very patient. Here she is waiting for her turn with the ball. I love the hands on the hips!

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