Ozark Vacation

So I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures from a vacation we took recently to the Ozarks here in Arkansas. First let me say that Arkansas has an awesome state park system! They have very developed camp grounds that are so clean and plentiful. If you want to experience some really comfy camping - Arkansas is the place. We went as the leaves were changing, and my dad was able to come visit to see the great Ozarks. Our first stop was the Ozark Folk Center. It was so fun! They had a band that only plays songs older than 1940. One of the fiddlers/dancers/singers was an 11 year old girl - and she was AWESOME! John has some video of here that I'll have to post.

Anyhow, gotta go run (we've got a 1/2 marathon in Jan to get ready for!) I'll post more later.

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Elizabeth said...

Mandy, the pictures are wonderful. What beautiful scenery! And, how did you get the picture of Dallin, with the leaf in midair? Your family has certainly expanded experiences by being there!

John, Mandy and more said...

We have had so much fun! Thanks the comment. That leaf was hanging on the end of a spider web. (By the way, there are SO many daddy-long-leg spiders in Arkansas!)

dntbaker said...

your photography skills are amazing!
(i found the mcneil family blog then yours.. yay! )
i told john, so remind him that when you guys are back in the 520 area that we need to hang out!

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