Manipulating Baby

Okay, manipulating is a bit harsh, but it's close to true. She's started throwing tantrums for things she wants and it is oh-so-sad to watch. My sweet little baby has become a little girl-crabby tantrums and all. If she doesn't get held or get a bite of our food or get a toy she wants, out come the tears. Little does she know that those blue eyes would get a lot more if she didn't sit and scream. She also had this great way of puckering her lips. It's hilarious!

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Elizabeth said...

What a cutie - it's amazing how fast techniques that work get put into the mix. Mia is absolutely beautiful! Life will be interesting with two such beautiful children.

MelissanWinslow said...

David has taken to screaming to get what he wants. And sadly I often give in. I feel bad he just doesn't know how to communicate more effectively.

Kristi Adams said...

She is a mini you with blue eyes! So beautiful!

John, Mandy and more said...

No way Kris! She is so much more beautiful! I do have to agree with you, Grandma; life is going to be so difficult with such gorgeous babies.

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