When it rains it pours...

It's raining in Arizona - and finally it feels a little like fall. And so I am going to shower you with pictures. Let me preface by telling you that this was a joint birthday party. Dallin shares a birthday with a little boy that lives a couple doors down - Alejandro. He is just one year older. He wanted a Star Wars party and Dallin didn't really care, so we went with it. This was a HUGE party! I think it's the biggest I've ever thrown (besides our wedding). Usually about half of the invitees respond... nope. ALL. Everyone except one family that I invited showed up. I think a little over 60 guests. Which was great - Dallin had so much fun. We got a jumping castle, pinata, and paper plate space ships for the kids to decorate. We grilled hot dogs and I made a Stormtrooper cupcake-cake. We put a '4' candle on one cupcake for Dallin and a '5' candle for Alejandro. Dallin got a billion birthday presents - including an Indiana Jones whip and hat. So cute.

So the previous weekend we blessed Mia. No, we aren't Catholic. The dress just makes it look that way. She did look gorgeous, though.

AND before that was Halloween. I went to Colorado for my paternal grandmother's funeral, but Dallin stayed home and went Trick or Treating. He was a fireman. Coincidentally, he wants to be a fireman when he grows up... he went around the block with Daddy and Aunt Sara (Beth). John said every house he stopped at he wanted to go in and play, so finally John gave up and he let him stay and play at one of the neighbor's house. Dallin is just too familiar with our neighbors - possibly the only drawback! ;-)

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TyandMar said...

Wow, what a party!! I can't imagine throwing an event that big! Sounds like fun.
Beautiful baby blessing dress.

Kristi Adams said...

Mia does look beautiful! And I love the Indiana Jones picture. He looks like the real deal!
btw, good job on the cake!

BeX said...

Your kids are super-suess! Love his hat and her dress.... very adorable!

Hab dich lieb!


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