Dallin's hair and Mia's nose

So because they are so cute I have to add in these pictures.  You can see I gave Dallin a haircut the day after the pumpkin patch.  Ok... so I didn't really.  I started on the bottom and John thought it looked bad so he finished up.  FOREVER!  Dallin was a really good boy.  He sat through John's very anal haircut so patiently.  

The second picture is horribly out of focus, but oh so cute anyhow.  We went camping and it was a little cold the next morning.  This is my brand new baby with a very cold nose.  P.S. - Hannagan Meadows is gorgeous.  Don't anybody go there, though, because I like how secluded it is. :-P

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BeX said...

oh deine 2 sind echt zu suess! Iw ish I could meet them and hang out with you!!!!! You'll have to come and visit all of us in OK!!!!

Love ya!


MelissanWinslow said...

can jacob get one too, he needs one so bad but i let his hair grow out fir halloween and lifes been too busy to chop it!

Kristi Adams said...

I've had so much fun looking at your blog! Dallin is so big and Mia is just a doll!

Click Clan said...

hey, will you email me your mailing address


congrats on the baby blessing!


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