Sunday Fun

My dad is finally home from Iraq!! Our family has been praying for him every night since he left; "Please bless that Grandpa will be safe in Iraq." So Dallin's first prayer after seeing Grandpa:

Dallin: Dear Heavenly Father... please bless..., wait, Mom?
Me: Yes?
Dallin: Where is Grandpa?
Me: At his house.
Dallin: Please bless that Grandpa will be safe at home.

He is such a smart little booger. I'm glad his prayers aren't just regurgitating what John and I say.

So Dad came down for my baby shower and we spent the next morning at the park. Here are some pictures - some are by my brother in-law.

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MelissanWinslow said...

Mandy and John, she is absolutely beautiful. We are so glad that Mandy's dad is home safe! Love your gorgeous family!

BeX said...

OMG!!! So cute! I didn't know you're now staying at home full-time with the kids...or that you have a blog! Awesome! I just added yourlinkto my own blog. Sending you tons of Love, hugs and kisses!!! Let me know how you're doing.

Hab dich lieb Maus!


bryant said...

Mandy and family,
Mia is really beautiful!!!I loved reading all about your family. I feel inspired to write more about mine.I love the mac and cheese story!!!We hope you are doing well.
Bryant,Audrey and family

Kenneth said...

Mandy and John, that is one cute family you guys are making. We were so glad to spend the weekend with you last week. Thanks. And thank you for thinking of me and thank Dallin for praying for me as well. It is good to be home in this country. We are so fortunate to be born and raised in the USA that I can't believe it. We have a lot to fix, but thank God we live here! And I am so thankful that I have you for a daughter and son. Thanks. Papa

Kristi Adams said...

It's always fun to see what kids are going to say in their prayers! That is so sweet and I'm glad your dad is home safe. Cute blog!

Janiel said...

cant wait to meet her! she looks so sweet!

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