Mischievous boy

So don't ever turn your back on a three year old little boy. Technically he didn't get in any trouble for this because he did ask. His question was, "Do you need this Mommy? No? Can I break it? Thanks!"

Here are some pictures of Dallin holding Mia. He told me I was only allowed to take pictures of Mia. He likes to hold his little sister, but quickly passes her back when she starts crying. He likes to give her kisses on the nose.

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Franklin Family 3 said...

What are you going to do, boys will be boys...lol.

Chelsea said...

Mia is so pretty. Hope you guys are doing well. Miss ya!

Aweir said...

Hey guys! I just started a blog...not great at it yet, but learning! I was happy to get to see all of your cute pictures and read the stories! You can add my blog to your list if you want! :)

MelissanWinslow said...

Ahh yes. The fun they have when you are distracted! For the first 2 months after David was born, my kids would rush out the front door and across the street to the school where they would ride bikes and roller blades down the ramps. And take Rachel with them! But they had so much fun.
Mia and Dallin are soo precious together.

TyandMar said...

Hey cute Mandy!! It's been a LONG time. I can't believe you have 2 cute little ones. You are a cute mom with adorable children. Arizona huh? My sister is in Tucson at the U of A on a harp scholarship. I'm actually going down there with my fam in a couple of weeks to watch one of her concerts. You close to Tucson?! Let me know. Love ya lots. You still using your German at all?!

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