Baseball, Soccer, Frisbee OR Sprinklers?

Dallin hasn't decided which is his favorite, but we tell him that practice makes perfect. Since church starts so late, we decided to go have a picnic lunch and play a game. While there the sprinklers came on and Dallin couldn't resist getting soaked! Not only that, but he thought it great fun to try to trick Mommy into running into them.

*Mia just sat back and took it all in stride*

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TyandMar said...

Hey Mandy,
I can't believe how big your son is now!! I swear I remember hearing the news when you just had him!!
We will be in Tucson on Oct. 18 and 19. The problem is we won't have a car. We're going down in an RV and we'll basically park the RV in a park and walk everywhere. Sat. we'll mostly be on campus for the harp performance. Maybe you guys could come to the performance? It's supposed to be really fun, with a bunch of other guest artists. Let me know what you think.

BeX said...

Oh... hahahaha... this looks like so much fun!!!!! What time does church start for you guys?? Hey...where exactly are you guys again? We'll be traveling from OR to OK, through Cali, AZ, and NM.....are you anywhere on our route???

Love and miss ya.... xox

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